knp 360 Feedback 2018



  • 360 degree feedback provides staff members with an objective view of their development based on a variety of feedback sources;
  • There is a clear focus on a staff member’s strengths and development needs;
  • Acts as a basis for ongoing coaching conversations 




  • Please ensure you complete your self-evaluation

  • Nominate at least 10 people to provide you with the feedback. Include in this number your Director, Manager and your team.  And then nominate people outside your team who can also provide you with feedback.  It is preferable that these people know your work or you interact with them on a fairly regular basis.
  • Feedback for colleagues can be searched by name using the dropdown list or by typing first name
  • When colleague's name is selected, different set of questionnaires will auto populate under a pre-assigned group e.g. director, manager or staff
  • An option to resize your desktop screen to smaller size for one question per screen format display (see demo HERE)
  • To go back to previous question or forward, either click ‘previous’ or click on any ‘timeline bullet points’
  • Questions with ‘asterisk’ are mandatory. You will not be able to complete survey without completing them
  • There will be a ‘comments’ section at end of feedback for your convenience
  • Uncompleted feedback can be saved at any time and can be continued later. There are two ways to save by clicking the ‘save’ disk icon followed by:
    1. click ‘get sharable link’ and paste to your desktop calendar/notepad or
    2. enter email then click ‘send the link as email’ button
  • Please feel free to offer form feedback suggestion and/or report any form error to Anne Bartlett or Mei Wu
  • Sample back-end report available HERE

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Thank You!