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24 March 2020

knp COVID-19 Relief packages/stimulus (Federal Government, State Government & ATO) 



COVID-19 has invoked an unprecedented response from the Federal Government, Victorian State Government & the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The focus of these packages is on supporting businesses & individuals who will face a decline in income over the coming months. knp has identified five different strategies to assist business and individuals in these difficult times;



23 March 2020

Special Announcement 


As you are probably aware, many workplaces have been forced to work from home given the impact of COVID-19.


knp is well placed as we are 100% cloud-based and all staff have reliable computers with internet access. As such, we are confident we will still be able to produce high quality work in a secure environment.


We understand that businesses will face a variety of challenges over the coming months. If there is anything we can do to assist, please let us know.



16 March 2020

Special Edition: COV-19


knp Solutions has prepared a special edition newsletter outlining:


  • Australian Government’s economic response to COV-19 & how this could relate to your business
  • knp client meetings
  • COV-19 symptoms & information for workplaces



28 April 2020

JobKeeper Update 


The key areas addressed that will impact our clients were:


  • Extension of time from 30 April to 31st May 2020 to enrol for the JobKeeper scheme
  • Charities and the treatment of government revenue. Charities can exclude Government revenue from the JobKeeper turnover test



20 April 2020

JobKeeper Enrolment 


Now that JobKeeper enrolment has opened for businesses, we want to provide you with the information that will be required to complete the enrolment process.


Firstly, please ensure that your business has done the following:



20 April 2020

JobKeeper Stimulus Update 


Business Eligibility Tests


  • Turnover Test: For the less or more than $1 billion turnover - this test looks at the annual group aggregate turnover
  • Turnover is defined as per GST purposes, in simplistic terms your G1 figure



1 April 2020

Stimulus package - JobKeeper Payment 


JobKeeper Payment – Wage subsidy plan to help Australians keep jobs


As you may be aware, the Australian government has announced a $130 billion JobKeeper payment program to support businesses and help those Australians who have been affected by the economic impact caused by the coronavirus pandemic retain their jobs.



1 May 2020

JobKeeper Update – by Mei Wu 


Watch here


Making sense of it all with Ali Roshan – Transparency within Super Funds


According to ASIC, a number of Superannuation funds are falling short on their obligations to provide transparency.



14 May 2020

COVID-19 The Economic Story - by Ali Roshan & Andrew Freeman


Watch here


25 May 2020

Your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) and Investment Properties during COVID-19 – by Victoria Kogan


Rent Relief for related party tenant


• A common question being asked is “My superfund owns my business premises and my business is suffering due to COVID-19


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